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If time & again you tried to get fit and failed because of discipline, commitment or lack of motivation, I am here to help!

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1. Get your customized nutrition plan that is easy to follow

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2. Get workout guidance based on your body type

Fit Body

3. Reach the fitness goals that you always desired

Hi! I am Vineeta Tibarewal

I am going to be your personal health coach

I will guide you, motivate you, scold you and do whatever it takes to make sure you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.

Nutrition has been my focus of research for the past 20 years which began with my personal transformation from 150 to 67kgs. Over the years, I have done thousands of experiments on myself with the utmost curiosity of learning how our body reacts to various nutritional elements in our food.

I have learned a lot from my successes as well as failures. I want you to learn from my mistakes so that you reach your goals a lot faster than I did. Each diet plan is made with utmost planning keeping into account your food choices, lifestyles, workout routines, goals and habits. What might fit for one person may not be suitable for another, so you get to choose your own food!

Along with a diet plan, I will put a lot of emphasis on your psyche. Thanks to my personal journey, I know how your mind tricks you and sabotages your hard work leaving you with frustration and low self esteem. Weight-loss, like any other fights, is first won in your mind and then in your reality. I will coach you through every step and that is where my strength lies! 

You are in good hands


B.Sc in Food and Nutrition (Gold medalist)

M.Sc in Dietetics

Accredited Diabetes Educator (Mumbai)

Accredited Muscle Building Expert

Accredited FODMAP and Gut Heath Practitioner (USA)

Accredited Functional Medicine Practioner (IAFM)

Accredited Nutrigenomics (USA)


My journey so far...​

10+ years of experience

AMRI Hospital (Kolkata)​

Medica Superspeciality (Kolkata)​

Breach Candy Hospital (Mumbai)​

Healthify Me (Online Platform)​

GutBeat (USA)​

Lifetime Member of IDA, IAPEN , IAFM

Effective nutritional programs for...

Post partum weight loss

Get rid of all your Post-partum blues with clear nutrition guidance along with daily motivation to alleviate your mood!


Common problem for a lot of women can be quite easily managed with the right nutrition and guidance

clinical nutritional management

Including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Uric acid,Cholesterol, TG, Thyroid,IBS, GERD, Liver, Heart , Kidney

diabetes control

Specific guidance about the right nutrition can help you reduce your medicine intake and drastically improve your lifestyle!


Whether your focus is on weight loss, muscle gain, fat loss or improving body fat percentage, I have focussed programs for all


Trainings & Programs


KGs lost


Happy Clients

Success Stories

Stories of my clients who have gone through magical transformations​

Are you ready to transform yourself?


What my clients have to say about my programs

She is just awesome. Her diets not at all strict. The diets she gives is wonderful with so many options of eating and the best part is the way she motivates
It is only been a month and few days since I started with her. My weight loss is always very slow. Have tried too many diet plans, workouts and patterns. It never felt sustainable after few weeks, would give up. I am very thankful and grateful that I joined Vineeta.

She makes the changes in lifestyle very sustainable. I have a toddler, nuclear setup, living in Malaysia, on top of that diet with minimal or no help - but her plan is very satisfying. I have sufficient food options.

She is always there to help me, guide me, motivate me and above all, even if I wish to eat now, I am unable eat beyond my portions. Go for her!
Shweta Sinha
Motivation leads you to take the first step... and habit makes you keep going!And SHE is the one who can help you to change and balance your eating habits. Put your trust on her and dedicate yourself with patience - Results will surely come!Also, every coin has two sides and so she has. She can both care and scold - like a mother, but all for your own good. She looses nothing if you'r not dedicated.An apt analogy - One joins army training school with motivation and learns fine tricks, becomes mentally and physically stronger. But those who patiently cross through become final SOLDIERS!So go for it !! - by experience..
Vinay Chowdhary
Scientific approach with calorie count and bang on motivation factor with daily reminders, follow ups and easy to do plans is Vineeta. She is organized and too good!
She is not a Nutritionist or Dietician but a Magician!!! She will let you have what you like n still make you loss weight. The beautiful part is she makes one aware of nutrition facts of food item so that one can changes it's lifestyle and not gain weight in future. She is very dedicated towards her work and keep her clients very motivated and stay focused. I highly recommend her to everyone!!!
Pulkit Gupta
Her plans are really good. You don't starve at all. I have lots of health problems but I am feeling very positive about everything..
Priti Goyal
Your diet plan works like magic. I never thought that I can reduce my weight (3 kgs in 22 days) after having rice oil and paneer. Also there is no restriction to have food in restaurant. I am blessed to meet such a true dietician!
She makes the weight loss feel so easy & part of your life that you feel that it's happening effortlessly! She insists on permanent lifestyle changes which is beneficial life long! She guides, motivates, scolds basically a true mentor!
Prachi Agarwal Mahajan

Custom Diet Plans

No magic foods, super foods, diet pills or fad diets. I create custom diet plans for every client based on their food preferences. This ensures a diet plans that is sustainable for the long run and built specifically for you. Along with each diet plan, I give you a tips, ideas, workout guidance and a lot more so that your journey towards a fitter you is fast and enjoyable.



PER Quarter

₹6,000 monthly



PER Quarter

₹7,000 monthly

7-day Money-back Guarantee*


Should I take the quarterly or monthly plan?

All my balanced nutrition programs are designed to work on your food habits and your psyche. The approach has helped my clients not only lose the weight desired but also to keep it off after the program is over. You are going to see the results in the first month of the program itself, but changing habits is not that easy. Old habits die hard, our body takes time to adjust to the new healthy lifestyle and so does our mind. So, I strongly recommend working with me for at least three months and allow me to guide you closely and educate you about nutrition so that you continue to make healthy food choices even after the program. If you are still unsure, please note that I also provide money-back guarantee.

Diet Plan Changes

Diet plans vary from person to person. No two people have the same food habits, likes and dislikes. Therefore, in all our programs you get plenty of chances to change your diet plan if the current one isn’t working for you. The number of changes allowed per month varies from plan to plan.

7-day Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with my consultation, you can ask for a full refund within the first 7 days. No questions asked! Please note this is available with the quarterly payment plans only.

Whatsapp Group Challenges

If you have ever participated in group challenges, you would know that they are very powerful because the community helps each other stay motivated and focused. Together everyone achieves more! I have designed these challenges to either help you get rid of bad habits like “7-days No Sugar challenge” or develop healthy habits like “21-days intermittent fasting challenge”. I will guide you on a daily basis with tips, suggestions and answer all your queries. You can expect 1-2 such challenges every month. Participation is optional but highly encouraged.

Workout guidance

It is often said staying in shape is 90% nutrition and 10% exercise. But that 10% will take you a long way in your journey to perfect health! I have thorough experience and knowledge about the kind of exercises that help you sculpt your body! I can guide you with both freehand or gym exercises. My suggested diet with workout will take you towards your fitness goals much faster. From my experience a healthy diet combined with at least 2-3 days of your preferred workout will give you surprisingly fast results!


Client education is always our priority. I will post articles regularly that will help you in your journey of getting fitter.


Whatsapp reminders about drinking water, or some easy techniques to train the mind.

clients residing outside India

My working hours are 10am-6pm IST. I understand that the timings might not work for you. I can work with you in your time zone, but please note that the package rates will be different. Get in touch for more details.

At the end of the program, I give a personal guidance on how to maintain that weight and there is NO rebound!

Get In Touch

Are you convinced that it is time you take that big step towards the healthy body you always dreamt of?

My own journey , my knowledge and my nutrition degrees combined is going to help you reach your goals.

Shall we take the first step towards it by getting in touch? Leave me a message with your desired nutrition plan and I will get you started in no time! Even if you have any questions, please let me know.

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